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Boomshack Band

Dates: Sunday 22 October

The Boomshack Band is back!!! Bar opens 7pm, band on 9pm-12am. 50's party. Maximum R'n'B, Rockabilly, Surf, Rock'n'Roll. The boys are flying in from Melbourne, Wellington and Napier and are ready to party! Link Wray, Dick Dale, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, The Sonics, The Tornadoes, Buddy Holly and much more.

We all know this is going to be a fabulous night to top off a weekend at the Food and Wine Fest. We love long weekends!

Presale tickets $15 from the Aviary (cash only), $20 on the door

Big Daddy Wilson

Dates: Sunday 29 Oct

Tickets $30 or $35 on the door.

Oh yes it's Big Daddy Wilson here on his 2017 tour traveling with his band hot from USA and Europe! He is playing the Dome Room on a Bluesy Sunday afternoon.

Big Daddy and the band will be playing material from the new album 'Neckbone Stew' mmm mmm! Released in 2017 on Ruf Records, Neckbone Stew is the latest twist in a fascinating life story. “For me,” he says, “it sits on top. The latest is always the greatest. I was in the mood, like John L. Hooker said.” If Neck Bone Stew brings together a variety of genres, then it also unites a dream-team of musicians who helped these 13 songs soar. Led by the multi-instrumental talents of Wilson himself on vocals, guitar and percussion, long-standing Trio members Cesare Nolli (guitar) and Paolo Legramandi (bass) brought fire and flair to sessions at Italy’s Fire Place Room. “These guys are just incredible musicians and great to work with,” reflects the bandleader. “I have some special guests, too. The phenomenal Ruthie Foster. Mr. Staffan Astner. One of my blues heroes, the great Eric Bibb. And this CD is produced by the Goosebumps Brothers. As for the songs, they run the gamut. There’s the rolling acoustic blues of Cross Creek Road. The exuberant brass lines, wah guitar and bad-luck lyric of 7 Years. The melancholy clipped chords of Damn If I Do, with its depiction of a lover brought his knees (“You got your hooks so deep in my heart/You got me crawlin’, but still you won’t stop”). The album’s musical variety, meanwhile, is exemplified by the magical moment when the title track switches from an aching slide-blues into a reggae strut, with lyrics describing a lover who “got them big old hips, look just like two battleships”. Wilson is equally adept on the sun kissed balladry of I Just Need A Smile, which pairs lush chords with a lyric that implores us to ditch our gadgets and reengage with our humanity. “It’s all about life,” decides the bandleader of the album’s subject matter. “But there are two things you need in a good blues CD – a woman and some food.”

Doors open 2.30pm, Big Daddy from 3pm.


Dates: Thurs 9 Nov 8pm

Support from Rugged and Wylde
$10 on the door, bar open from 5pm for Pizza and Drinks

Vallkyrie welcomes their self-titled debut EP “Vallkyrie”. A combination of dark industrial percussion mixed with euphoric, emotive melodies. Songs such as Queen and Voodoo are inspired by ancient royalty.

Vallkyrie is a Rock/Hip Hop band from South Auckland and have been acclaimed for their mix of moody theatrical sounds combined with powerful anthems. If Imagine Dragons, Rihanna and The Prodigy had a soul child, it would be Vallkyrie.

The band consists of Omer Gilroy (Nga Puhi, Ngai tahu) (vocals, percussion), Rebel Reid (Nga Puhi) (guitar, keys) and Brandon Haru (Nga Puhi, Tainui) (percussion, keys).
Vallkyrie hit the stage with a theatrical and explosive live set, which has already won them 3rd place (amongst 149 entries) for “Battle of the Bands”. Vallkyrie have opened for Safia (Australia) and played at festivals such as “Big Gay Out” and “George in the Park”. Norse mythology and gothic rock inspire their visual design and ideology. Vallkyrie have embodied their inspiration, to create an immersive world. They are also proud Maori artists, hailing from south Auckland, drawing strength from their cultural heritage.

Lawrence Arabia

Dates: Friday 10 November 8pm

Tickets $15 through or Aviary (cash only) or $20 limited tickets on the door.

NOTHING makes me procrastinate more than having to write a press release about myself. So why I do I now find myself doing this very thing?!

Well, it's BECAUSE I'm playing some solo shows this November in the North Island and I need to “publicise” them so there will be an “audience” in attendance. Without an “audience” – i.e. you? – there will be no performance, because a performance without an audience is merely a rehearsal.

And rehearsals, as fun as they are, do not pay money. And MONEY is what I need, specifically your money, in the form of ticket sales. It's ugly and gauche to talk about money like this, I suppose, but I want to be upfront with you. These shows are not merely a pure artistic statement – they are a transaction.

BUT, of all the transactions you have recently carried out (and what is life if not a series of transactions, from the sexual encounter that resulted in your conception to the contract with the crematorium that incinerates your mortal remains) this should, at least in theory, be one of the most satisfying.

Why so satisfying? Well, my sceptical friend, because SCIENCE. Psychologists from San Francisco State University have proven that experiences provide more lasting happiness than material possessions.* In addition, the shared experience of music provides a primal thrill evoking the earliest days of human communication and allows a communal experience of joy so rare in this decadent age of digital insularity.

So come along North Islanders and join me, Lawrence Arabia, New Zealand's pre-eminent chronicler of 21st Century bourgeois dilemmas, for a “communal experience of joy so rare in this decadent age of digital insularity.”


Dates: FRI 24 NOV 7PM


Shibby Pictures is the production company of filmmaker Jak Kerley. It’s the angry, confused style of filmmaking that no film festival is interested in hosting. Tucked in the relatable coming-of-age stories are messages of anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and gender equality.

When it comes to filmmaking, Shibby Pictures maintains a strong DIY ethic. Having a DIY ethic means that we are able to produce a quality production with little-to-no budget, crew, or other resources.

Shibby Pictures hand-prints our own shirts and patches, and self-distributes all videos and movies on their own terms, which has been met with great success in the past several years, resulting in over three million views on all of our videos, and over 6,000 subscribers, with a constantly growing fanbase.

For years, Jak has immersed himself in the DIY music scene, shooting music videos for bands like Leftover Crack, Days N Daze, and Mischief Brew, and dozens more. He is also known for his widely-viewed documentary on DIY culture, “Trying It At Home” that was released in 2014. In addition to all of this, he has shot 3 feature-length films and several short films.

In 2013 he began touring all over the world, hosting screenings of his work in art spaces across the planet. These tours have seen Jak hosting screenings in places like beaches, a racquetball court, a cave, and batting cages. To this date, Jak has hosted screenings in 30 different states and 14 different countries.


Dates: First Tuesday of the month

The best in live music!

Come down on the first Tuesday of the month for the best selection of local music at the Poverty Bay Blues Night. Each month sees a new line-up of musicians giving us a taste of what they've got.

Doors open at 7pm, bands start 8pm. Just $5 on the door