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Rating: M, Offensive language

Running time: 1hr 33mins

Documentary on sailor Tracy Edwards, who skippered the first all-female international crew in the 1989 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race.

"In the late 1980s, amateur British sailor Tracy Edwards decided she’d had enough of being dismissed and belittled as the only woman on the seafaring crews she’d participated in. Setting her sights on the upcoming Whitbread Round the World Race — a staggering 40,000-nautical-mile circumnavigation of the earth that few boats dared tackle — Tracy assembled the world’s first international all-female sailing crew and entered the competition. As they weathered not only life-threatening high seas but also a storm of sexism in the media, this inspiring group of women had to rely on their own pure resilience—and each other—to prove the naysayers and skeptics wrong. What they hadn’t quite expected, however, was how their expedition would come to signify so much more than just a race to the finish line." (Sundance Film Festival)


Rating: M, Offensive language

Running time: 1hr 51mins

Superstar ballet dancer and choreographer Carlos Acosta shares and explores his life story, culminating at the peak of dance. Reenactments of his childhood sit alongside Acosta's life depicted in dance, with Acosta himself captured as onscreen choreographer and director, and even playing his own father.


Rating: R16, Sex scenes, nudity, drug use & offensive language109 minsUK, Australia, Ireland

Running time: 1hr 49mins

Fresh from sell out sessions at the NZFF
Holliday Grainger (My Cousin Rachel) and Alia Shawkat (TV's Arrested Development) are drinking buddies at a crossroads in life in this dramedy based on Emma Jane Unsworth's novel.

"Would-be writer Laura (Grainger) and her free-spirited bestie Tyler (Shawkat) share a messy Dublin apartment and a hearty appetite for booze, Molly, and one-night stands. Yet when Laura falls for Jim (Fra Fee), a charming but straitlaced classical pianist, Tyler worries that the party may soon be over ... Animals explores the long hangover between adolescence and adulthood through a bittersweet tale of two friends growing up and growing apart." (Sundance Film Festival)

They Live

Running time: 1hr 34mins

FAR OUT! Film Night Presents:
THEY LIVE (1988)
Tuesday 29th of October 7:00pm, bar open from 6pm
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Halloween Special!!!!

You see them on the street, you watch them on TV.
You might even vote for one of them this Year.
You think they’re people just like you.
You’re wrong. DEAD WRONG.

Responding to the 1980's Ronald Reagan / Margaret Thatcher era consumerism,
its themes of a strangle hold on the working-class and an omnipresent media
control have (sadly) only become more relevant in 2019. A brilliant film
wrapped inside a campy B-movie. Starring ex "professional" wrestler
Rowdy Roddy Piper as a working man who has had enough - A MUST SEE!

Florianopolis Dream

Rating: M Sex scenes, sexual references & offensive language

Running time: 1hr 46mins

(Karlovy Vary Special Prize of the Jury, Best Actress & FIPRESCI Prize Winner 2018)

A family takes a road trip from Argentina to Brazil in the beautiful Brazilian beach town of Florianopolis, and along the way their holiday opens up new and exciting experiences.

Argentine writer-director Ana Katz has a gift for capturing aspects of women’s experiences rarely found in film. Her latest is her best yet, unfolding as an alluringly breezy portrait of a middle-class family on holiday. Only gradually does its episodic narrative reveal deep wells of wisdom regarding aging, desire, self-knowledge, and the wayward nature of long-term relationships.

"A vacation worth taking." - Hollywood Reporter

"Gustavo Biazzi’s relaxed, roving camerawork is fully in sync with the languid, to-and-fro rhythm of the piece, drinking in the pleasures of the gorgeous scenery" - Variety


Rating: PG Violence

Running time: 1hr 40mins

The mission you know. The man you don't.

Harrison Ford narrates this documentary on Neil Armstrong's life story, from his childhood in Ohio to his trip to the Moon—and beyond.

With the support of the Armstrong family, the film details his near-death experiences as a fighter pilot in Korea, the drama and excitement of the Gemini 8 and Apollo 11 missions, and the challenges that came with his extraordinary fame.

Ailos Journey

Rating: E

Running time: 1hr 26mins

Narrated by Golden Globe winner, Donald Sutherland, this is the incredible story of Ailo, the little reindeer.

This uplifting tale follows the journey of baby Ailo as he navigates his first year of life in the snowy landscapes of a picturesque Lapland. Frail and vulnerable, Ailo must learn to walk, run, leap and hide to ensure he survives the long, treacherous journey with the herd.

Ailo's Journey is an inspirational story, in which a bleak wilderness is warmed by a mother's endless love as she watches over Ailo in his incredible adventures with other creatures of the Arctic.

"Halfway between the classic animal documentary and a Disney story with its colorful characters, Ailo's Journey is a family adventure that will delight young audiences."
- CitaZine